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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

ANR Part@ge

Participants : Bruno Arnaldi [ contact ] , Laurent Aguerreche, Alain Chauffaut, Georges Dumont, Thierry Duval, Cédric Fleury, Loïc Tching.

Part@ge is a national research platform (project 06TLOG031 funded by the french ANR) composed by 6 Academic partners (INSA Rennes, INRIA I3D, INRIA Alcove, CNRS-LaBRI, CNRS-LMP, ESIA Laval), 8 Industrial partners (FT R&D, CEA LIST, Clarté, HAPTION, Renault, Virtools, Sogitec, Thalès). There are also some participants of the part@ge club: Inergy, SNCF, DCN, EDF, Barco, PCI.

The Part@ge project, whose aim is to provide new tools and solutions for collaboration within 3D virtual environments, is decomposed into four technical Work Packages:

We are leading the project, participating to the four work packages and are leading one of them related to advanced collaboration. The Part@ge project is based on OpenMASK (our VR-platform), Spin3D (the FT R&D VR-platform) and Virtools.

We have animated the Part@ge workshops of the year, participated to numerous smaller work sessions with our partners about our points of interest, and presented to the ANR experts the final state of the project after two years and a half of activity.


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