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Section: Overall Objectives


Courses and tutorials in major scientific events

Members of the Bunraku Team have delivered courses in two major scientific events in computer graphics: first a tutorial given at Eurographics 2009 on Modeling Individualities in Groups and Crowds and second a course presented at Siggraph Asia 2009 on Camera Control in Computer Graphics: Models, Techniques and Applications .

2009 AFRIF PhD prize delivered to Fabien Lotte on the BCI topic

Fabien Lotte who defended his PhD Study of Electroencephalographic Signal Processing and Classification Techniques towards the use of Brain-Computer Interfaces in Virtual Reality Applications in the Bunraku team in 2008, has received the 2009 AFRIF prize (Association Française pour la Reconnaissance et l'Interprétation des Formes). The PhD was supervised by Pr. B. Arnaldi and Dr. A. Lécuyer. Following this research, members of the Bunraku Team, with the help of INRIA, have been largely promoting the scientific results related to the OpenVibe project and software. Many presentations, interviews and debates in different media (televisions, radio, internet) provided an indepth view of the contributions of the Bunraku team and opened many discussions on the important impacts of these results.

Visit of the French Ministry of Economic Stimulus

The Bunraku team has received the visit of the French Ministry of Economic Stimulus (Mr Patrick Devedjian) in the context of the contract signed between the French State and the Bretagne Territory. The visit comprised a scientific presentation of Bunraku research themes and recent results together with some demonstrations in the Virtual Reality Suite.


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