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Section: Software

GVT : Generic Virtual Training

Participants : Bruno Arnaldi [ contact ] , Stéphanie Gerbaud, Valérie Gouranton.

The aim of GVT software is to offer personalized VR training sessions for industrial equipments. The most important features are the human and equipment security in the VR training (in opposition to the real training), the optimization of the learning process, the creation of dedicated scenarios, multiple hardware configurations: laptop computer, immersion room, distribution on network, etc.

The actual kernel of GVT platform is divided into two main elements that rely on innovative models we have proposed: LORA and STORM models.

A commercialized version of GVT, which includes a pedagogical engine developped in CERV laboratory, proposes training on individual procedures. A prototype is also available that enables users to train on collaborative procedures with one another or with virtual humans. See the "new results" section for more details about the models proposed in this prototype.


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