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Section: Software

OpenViBE Software

Participants : Anatole Lécuyer [ contact ] , Laurent Bonnet, Vincent Delannoy, Yann Renard, Aurelien Van Langenhove.

OpenViBE is a free and open-source software devoted to the design, test and use of Brain-Computer Interfaces.

The OpenViBE platform consists of a set of software modules that can be integrated easily and efficiently to design BCI applications. Key features of the platform are its modularity, its high-performance, its portability, its multiple-users facilities and its connection with high-end/VR displays. The "designer" of the platform enables to build complete scenarios based on existing software modules using a dedicated graphical language and a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI).

This software is available on the INRIA Forge under the terms of the LGPL-V2 licence, and it was officially released in June 2009. Since then, the OpenViBE software has already been downloaded by numerous users: INRIA team ODYSSEE, INRIA team CORTEX, CEA LIST, INSERM U821, Collège de France LPPA, NEUROSPIN, Hospital of Garches, GIPSA-Lab, University of Lille 1, University of Rouen, University of Twente, etc. The first 2-day training to the OpenViBE software was organized in Rennes, in January 2009.

More information, downloads, tutorials, documentation, videos are available on OpenViBE website :


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