Team Bunraku

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: Application Domains

Narrative and interactive virtual worlds

Contemporary artistic creation nourishes more and more of the use of new technologies and we attend at the same time a decompartmentalization of the classic arts. The analysis of recent creations in the field of interactive pluri-artistic pieces put to evidence the difficulties encountered by artists and the existing lacks in terms of software components and technologies. Our objective is to propose a unified but generic paradigm for describing interactive art pieces in order to be able to simplify the work of the authors, and process part of the work automatically, so that no only the authors can concretise their ideas in their favourite software, but communication between environments can be taken in charge automatically by the system. We intend to model and develop a new meta-language allowing a high level communication between different softwares implied in the creation and execution of interactive artistic installations.


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