Team Bunraku

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
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Section: Scientific Foundations


Virtual Reality is a scientific and technological domain exploiting computer science and sensory-motor devices in order to simulate in a virtual world the behavior of 3D entities in real time interaction with themselves and with one or more users in pseudo-natural immersion using multiple sensory channels. Virtual Reality can be defined as a set of dedicated hardware and software techniques that allow one or several users to interact in a natural way with numerical data sensed by the way of sensory channels.

During last years, our main research activity has been concerned with real-time simulation of complex dynamic systems, and we were also interested in investigating real-time interaction between these systems and the user(s). Our research topics addressed mechanical simulation, lighting simulation, control of dynamic systems, behavioral simulation, real-time simulation, haptic and multimodal interaction, collaborative interaction and modeling of virtual environments.


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