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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International actions

Collaboration with South America (INRIA-CONICYT, Math. Am.Sud, France-Brésil) with IMPA (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). The relations are old and include various aspects. Several conferences in mathematical biology have been organized in Rio di Janeiro with a participation of BANG. This has allowed close collaborations (with papers published) on the inverse problem in structure population modeling and on numerial schemes for diffusive conservation laws, with Concepción (Chile) a research axis on cross-diffusions has been launched.

Collaboration with South America (INRIA-CONICET, Math. Am.Sud) with the Mathematics Institute Beppo Levi (Rosario) and the Favoloro University (Buenos Aires), Argentina. A developmental model of the Optic Tectum in the chick embryo has been designed, presented at the 24th IFIP TC7 conference held in July 2009 in Buenos Aires, and a joint article (Verdes-Flores-Rapacioli-Rofman-Perthame-Clairambault) on this subject is in preparation.

German part of the BANG-group takes part in the Germany-wide network on the Systems Biology of the ”Hepatocyte” from which currently two PhD-students (S. Höhme and A. Krinner) are funded (collaboration with several partners in German network, particularly J.G. Hengstler, Leibniz Research Center, Dortmund, and R. Gebhardt, Univ. of Leipzig).

Key running collaborations with the University of Dundee, UK, on cell models that take into account the role of key molecules that control cell invasion in cancer by representing the intracellular scale, with the Max-Planck-Institute for ”Dynamik Komplexer Technischer Systeme” in Magdeburg, Germany on the modelling and optimization of cell growth in Vaccine production, with the Leibniz Research Center in Dortmund and the Biochemistry-department of the University of Leipzig on liver regeneration after drug-induced damage. Starting collaboration within the German Consortium on LungCancerSys (official confirmation of German ministry grant proposal acceptance expected in Jan. 2009). Some of the former collaborations are now continued within accepted EU projects. Papers are published, submitted and in preparation.


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