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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions

NoE Biosim

Biosimulation,a new tool in drug development. J. Clairambault takes part with F. Lévi (INSERM U 776) in workpackage 13, Modeling circadian drug effects in anti-cancer treatment . Participation (J. Clairambault) in technical meetings of WP13 in Villejuif, Brussels and Berlin. Biosim has come to an end in October 2009.

Strep Tempo

Temporal genomics for tailored chronotherapeutics. (url ) J. Clairambault is head of workpackage 2 Integration and modeling , which involves the Bang and Contraintes projects at INRIA and also the SME Physiomics PLC (Oxford). Participation of J. Clairambault and A. Ballesta at the concluding conference of Tempo in Paris (November 19-20). Tempo has come to an end in December 2009.

Submitted European projects

New European FP7 projects have recently been submitted, two with F. Lévi (Villejuif) and D. Rand (Warwick Systems Biology Centre) as coordinators, on systems biology for cancer and circadian clocks, another one with M. Kimmel (Warsaw) as coordinator, on modelling drug resistance in cancer therapies.


Participation to the European network PASSPORT on modeling liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy (url )


Participation to the European network CANCERSYS on modeling tumor genesis in liver. This project includes also collaborators from Paris region. A PhD student (William Weens) works on this subject.


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