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Major publications by the team in recent years

B. Perthame.
Transport equations in biology, Birkhäuser Verlag, 2007, Frontiers in Mathematics.

Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

T. Lepoutre.
Analyse et modélisation de phénomènes de croissance et mouvement issus de la biologie, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, november 2009, Ph. D. Thesis.
S. Tumuluri.
Age-structured nonlinear renewal equation, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, july 2009, Ph. D. Thesis.

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journal

E. Audusse, M.-O. Bristeau, B. Perthame, J. Sainte-Marie.
A multilayer Saint-Venant system with mass exchanges for Shallow Water flowS. Derivation and Numerical Validation, in: M2AN, 2010
M. Bendahmane, T. Lepoutre, A. Marrocco, B. Perthame.
Conservative cross diffusions and pattern formation through relaxation, in: Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, december 2009, vol. 92, no 6, p. 651–667
H. Berestycki, G. Nadin, B. Perthame, L. Ryzhik.
The non-local Fisher-KPP equation: traveling waves and steady states, in: Nonlinearity, 2010, to appear.
H. Byrne, D. Drasdo.
Individual-based and continuum models of growing cell populations: a comparison, in: J. Math. Biol., 2009, vol. 58, no 4-5, p. 657–687.
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J. Clairambault.
Modelling physiological and pharmacological control on cell proliferation to optimise cancer treatments, in: Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, 2009, vol. 4, no 3, p. 183–209, Published online, June 2009.
J. Clairambault, S. Gaubert, T. Lepoutre.
Comparison of Perron and Floquet eigenvalues in age structured cell division cycle models, in: Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, 2009, vol. 4, no 3, p. 12–67, Published online, June 2009.
J. Clairambault, S. Gaubert, T. Lepoutre.
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Simulation of laser beam propagation with a paraxial model in a tilted frame, in: Journal of Computational Physics, february 2009, vol. 228, no 3, p. 861–880.
M. Doumic, P. Gabriel.
Eigenelements of a general aggregation-fragmentation model, in: M3AS, 2010, to appear.
M. Doumic, T. Goudon, T. Lepoutre.
Scaling limit of a discrete prion dynamics model, in: Communication in Mathematical Sciences, 2010, to appear.
M. Doumic, P. Kim, B. Perthame.
Stability analysis of a simplified yet complete model for chronic myelegeneous leukemia, in: Bull. of Math. Biol., 2010, to appear.
M. Doumic, B. Perthame, J. Zubelli.
Numerical Solution of an Inverse Problem in Size-Structured Population Dynamics, in: Inverse Problems, april 2009, vol. 25, no 4.
P. Gabriel.
Shape of the polymerization rate in the prion equation, in: Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2010, to appear.
N. Goutal, J. Sainte-Marie.
A kinetic interpretation of the section-averaged Saint-Venant system for natural river hydraulics, in: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, 2010, to appear.
S. Höhme, D. Drasdo.
Biomechanical versus nutrient control: what determines the growth dynamics of mammalian cell population?, in: Mathematical Population Studies, 2009, accepted.
A. Krinner, M. Zscharnack, A. Bader, D. Drasdo, J. Galle.
The impact of the oxygen environment on mesenchyma stem cell expansion and chondrogenic differentiation, in: Cell Proliferation, 2009, vol. 42, p. 471–484, published online.
P. Laurençot, B. Perthame.
Exponential decay for the growth-fragmentation/cell-division equation, in: Comm. Math. Sci., 2009, vol. 7, no 2, p. 503–510.
F. Lévi, A. Okyar, S. Dulong, P. Innominato, J. Clairambault.
Circadian Timing in Cancer Treatments, in: Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 2010, vol. 50, to appear.
A. Marrocco, H. Henry, I. Holland, M. Plapp, S. Seror, B. Perthame.
Models of self-organizing bacterial communities and comparisons with experimental observations, in: Math. Model. Nat. Phenom., 2010, to appear.
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J. Sainte-Marie.
Vertically Averaged Models for the Free Surface Euler System. Derivation and Kinetic Interpretation., in: Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 2010, to appear.
P. Souganidis, B. Perthame.
Asymmetric potentials and motor effect: an homogeneisation approach, in: Ann. IHP, Anal. Non Linéaire, 2009, vol. AN 26, no 6, p. 2055–2071.
P. Souganidis, B. Perthame.
Asymmetric potentials and motor effects: a large deviation approach, in: ARMA, 2009, vol. 193, no 1, p. 153–163.
J.-L. Steimer, S. G. Dahl, D. De Alwis, U. Gundert-Remy, M. Karlsson, J. Martinkova, L. Aarons, H.-J. Ahr, J. Clairambault, G. Freyer, L. Friberg, W.-D. Ludwig, G. De Nicolao, M. Rocchetti, I. F. Troconiz.
Modelling the genesis and treatment of cancer: the potential role of physiologically-based pharmacodynamics, in: European Journal of Cancer, 2009, Published online, December 2009, DOI:10.1016/j.ejca.2009.10.011.

International Peer-Reviewed Conference/Proceedings

M. Doumic, P. Maia, J. Zubelli.
On the calibration of a size-structured population model from experimental data, in: ECMTB2008 Proceedings, 2010, to appear.
J. Galle, A. Krinner, P. Buske, D. Drasdo, M. Loeffler.
On the impact of single cell biomechanics on the spatio-temporal organization of regenerative tissue, in: World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, 2009, accepted.

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

D. Drasdo, N. Jagiella, I. Ramis-Conde, I. Vignon-Clémentel, W. Weens.
Modeling steps from a benign tumor to an invasive cancer: examples of intrinsically multi-scale problems, in: From single scale-based models to multiscale modeling, Eds. Chauvière, A. and Preziozi, L. and Verdier, C., 2009.

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