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Section: Software


Participant : Cécile Dobrzynski [ corresponding member ] .

MMG3D is a tetrahedralfully automatic remesher. Starting with a tetrahedral mesh, it produces quasi-uniform meshes with respect to a metric tensor field. This tensor prescribes a length and a direction for the edges, thus the resulting meshes will be anisotropic meshes. The software is based on local mesh modifications and an anisotropic version of Delaunay kernel is implemented to insert vertex on the mesh. Moreover, MMG3D allows to deal with rigid body motion and moving meshes. When a displacement is prescribed on a part of the boundary, a final mesh is generated such as the surface points will be moved according this displacement. MMG3D is used in particular in GAMMA for their mesh adaptation developments, but also at EPFL (math department), Dassault Aviation, Lemma (a french SME), etc. More details can be found on .


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