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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

France Telecom - Orange Labs

Participants : Yves Lechevallier, Alice Marascu, Florent Masseglia, Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

Orange labs CRE (2009-2010) Contract 905201

Orange Labs and Inria have signed a CRE (Contrat de Rercherche Externalisée ) for 6 months (2009-2010) under the scientific responsability of F. Masseglia, where the goals are:

The AxIS technology involved in this project is the SMDS [76] method proposed in the Ph.D thesis of A. Marascu. SMDS is an algorithm intending to extract sequential patterns from data streams. The data stream is processed by batches that accumulate the data for the same time period. Afterwards, each batch is processed in order to i) obtain clusters of data and ii) extract approximate sequential patterns that will summarize the clusters. Each such sequential pattern will be considered as a center of the cluster and will evolve from one batch to another.

The new step added by request of Orange is a second clustering process, applied to the approximate sequential patterns.Eventually, Orange Labs provided us with 3 months data coming from the mobile portal usage. These log files contain the request of users on the portal, made from their mobile devices.

Strategic Partnership between France Telecom - Inria

B. Trousse, with her colleague M. Boullé (Orange Labs) was in charge of animating one of the four research topics selected by Orange Labs for the strategic partnership between France Telecom - Orange Labs and Inria. Two workshops (Paris march 13, Rocqunecourt may 15) were organised by the Inria direction. Two meeting reports were made and three project proposals on this topic have been proposed by the interested EPIs and Orange labs colleagues: two with 5 EPIs (AxIS, DOLPHIN, DREAM, SEQUEL, TAO) and another with 2 EPIs (TAO and DOLPHIN).

B. Senach and B. Trousse are exploring with Orange Labs (Sophia Antipolis) different topics related to Smart Cities for future collaborations in the context of the living lab ICT Usage Lab (cf. section  8.1.1 ).


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