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Section: New Results

Tools for Analysing Evolving Web Usage Data

Participants : Alzennyr Da Silva, Yves Lechevallier.

As a result of Da Silva's thesis a new tool was developed: ATWUEDA(ATWEDA: Axis Tool for Web Usage Evolving Data Analysis)[47] for Web Usage Evolving Data Analysis. It is available at INRIA's gforce website: . A. Da Silva presented part of her work in a working research group at CNAM-Paris [48] .

This tool was developed in Java and uses the JRI library in order to allow the application of R functions in the Java environment. R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computing ( ). The ATWUEDA tools is able to read data from a cross table in a MySQL data base, split the data according to the user specifications (in logical or temporal windows) and then apply the approach proposed in the Da Silva's thesis (cf. section  6.2 ) in order to detect changes in dynamic environment. The proposed approach characterizes the changes undergone by the usage groups (e.g. appearance, disappearance, fusion and split) at each timestamp. Graphics are generated for each window analyzed exhibiting statistics that characterizes changing points over time.


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