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Section: New Results


Below are our results obtained this year according to our three research topics,

  1. Topic 1 - Mining complex data and IS data : analysing evolutive data (cf. section  6.2 ), summarising and mining data streams (cf. sections  6.3 and 6.4 ), content analysis and ontologies (cf. sections  6.5 and 6.6 ), clustering and Web Content (cf. section  6.7 ). Let us not also a more generic result in data mining related to adaptive distances in clustering (cf. section  6.8 ).

  2. Topic 2 - Mining Web 2.0 data : expert search (cf. sections  6.9 and 6.10 ).

  3. Topic 3 - the Focus methodological and technical experimentation platform (cf. section 5.13 of the 2008 activity report): a) development of new tools for evolving usage data (cf. section  6.11 ), for mining data streams (cf. section  6.12 ), for structuring data from debates (cf. section  6.13 ) and b) improvment of our tool for mapping textual documents (cf. section  6.14 ).

Let us note also that some works made in 2008 and already described in the 2008 activity report were published in 2009:

A previous work on “Efficient mining of sequential patterns with time constraints” has been published by an international journal [25] .


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