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Section: Software

SODAS 2 Software

Participants : Yves Lechevallier [ correspondant ] , Marc Csernel.

The SODAS 2 Software  [78] is the result of the European project “ASSO” (Analysis System of Symbolic Official data) (2001-2004). It supports the analysis of multidimensional complex data (numerical and non numerical) coming from databases mainly in statistical offices and administration using Symbolic Data Analysis [56] . This software is registrated at APP. The latest executive version of the SODAS 2 software, with its user manual can be downloaded at

The main contributions of AxIS to SODAS were:

  1. a Symbolic Object Library (SOL ) that provides foundation tools, such as data loading and saving, selection, etc.

  2. a divisive hierarchical clustering method on complex data tables called DIV

  3. a partitioning clustering method on complex data tables called SCLUST

  4. a supervised classification tree for symbolic data, called TREE

  5. a tool for extracting symbolic objects from databases , called DB2SO, jointly developed with EDF

Those AxIs contributions have been registered at APP.


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