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University Teaching

AxIS is an ”associated team” for the STIC Doctoral school at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNSA) and AxIS team members are teaching in various universities (UNSA, Univ Paris IX-Dauphine, CNAM, ENSAE):

H.D.R and Ph.D. Thesis

one H.D.R defense this year:

Three Ph.D. defenses this year:

Three PhD in progress: 2 (at inria) and 1 (under a France-Tunisia cooperation)

  1. E. Smirnova (start: September 2008), “Mining social networks”, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis & INRIA, (co-directors: M. Rueher, B. Trousse). Let us note that E. Smirnova made an internship at Google (Paris) may-august.

  2. C. Zhang (start: october 2008), “Mining data streams: clustering and pattern extraction”, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis & INRIA, (director: F. Masseglia).

  3. M. Charrad (start: end of 2005), “Design and development a Web mining environment coupling content mining and usage mining ( with biclustering technics), CNAM. and University La Manouba (Tunisia). Y. Lechevallier is co-superviser with G. Saporta (CNAM) and in co-tutelle with Prof M. Benhamed (ENSI, Tunisia).

In the context of the WRUM project, B. Trousse and B. Senach participate in the thesis committees of three Ph-D students:

Let us note that B. Senach and B. Trousse have been also involved in the supervision of the PhD thesis of Julie Marlier via the Intermed project, from november 2008 until march 2009, thesis supervised by B. Conein (UNSA).and N. Ferrand (Cemagref Montpellier).

AxIS researchers were members of Ph.D. committees in 2009:


We welcomed six students this year:


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