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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Exterior Research Visitors

F. de A. T. de Carvalho was a visiting professor at AxIS project during three months (October to December). He collaborated actively with Y. Lechevallier on partitional clustering algorithms based on multiple dissimilarity matrices in order to submit a paper to the COMPSTAT conference (to be held on Paris, August 22-27 2010) and an extended version to a international journal.

Additionally, he presented a communication about "Holt's exponential smoothing model for interval-valued time series" during the Workshop in Symbolic Data Analysis, 18-20 October 2009, Wienerwaldhof (Austria).

He was also invited by Prof. R. Verde (Second Naples University) from 10 to 15 of November 2009 where he presented a seminar about “Recent clustering methods for interval data”.

He was invited by A. Napoli (Projet Orpailleur, Laboratoire LORIA, Nancy) where F. de A. T. de Carvalho presented a talk about "Recent Advances in Partitioning Clustering Algorithms for Interval-Valued Data" [50] during the First SaarLorLux Workshop on Systems Biology 2009 ( ).

He also presented seminars on the CNAM, Paris [49] and Télécom Paris-Tech in the context of Bilab [51] .


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