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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Initiatives

RNTL Project (2006-2009): EIFFEL

Participants : Yves Lechevallier [ resp. ] , Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

The EIFFEL project related to Semantic Web and e-Tourism was labelled in 2006 by the RNTL program and started in 2007 with industrial partners (Mondeca and Antidot (leader)) and academic partners (LIRMM, University of Paris X (Nanterre) and INRIA). This project concerns Tourism and Semantic Web.

The main goal of the Eiffel project is to provide users with an intelligent and multilingual semantic search engine dedicated to the tourism domain. This solution should allow tourism operators and local territories to highlight their resources; the end users will then use a specialised research tool allowing them to organize their trip on the basis of contextualized, specialised, organised and filtered information. Queries and results will be guided by user profiles extracted from usage analysis. These profiles will facilitate the access to distributed and highly heterogeneous data.

In this project, AxIS was in charge of the sub-package entitled SP8 and of the defination of new paradigms dedicated to knowledge searching and visualizing, of the extrcation and exploitation of users' models and profiles from web logs.

The Eiffel project was completed on october 31st.

ANR Techlog Project (2008-2009): INTERMED

Participants : Nicolas Faure, Celine Fiot, Cristina Isai, Julie Marlier, Bernard Senach, Elena Smirnova, Brigitte Trousse [ resp. ] .

The Intermed project in response to the ANR TechLog call for proposals has been accepted in 2007. The Intermed kick-off meeting took place in April 2008. Academic partners are Cemagref (G-EAU and TETIS) LIRMM, CEPEL and industrial partners are SCRIPTAL, SIRENA, Normind, PIKKO. The aim of the InterMed project is to design and implement a set of tools fitting the requirements of users in charge of territory planning.

This project concerns participative democraty and involved four natural territories: Etang de Thau , le parc de la Camargue , le Parc de la Narbonnaise et le Parc de la Bretagne )

The goal is to use appropriate technologies to establish a functional link between citizen and local authorities. The technologies we are looking for will be progressively adapted to deal with human factors and constraints of the "field". The proposed experimental approach will rely on several iterations and active participation of people involved in the discussions.

We pursued our work in Intermed till march to finish our commitments concerning technical clusters and usability analysis [54] : usage analysis,comparison of two doucments for supporting a debate, data collecting software implemented as a Web service and the transformation of Sommières data into the proposed format.

We then  had an agreement with ANR to withdraw from the project.

ANR MDCA Project (2008-2010): MIDAS

Participants : Yves Lechevallier, Alice Marascu, Florent Masseglia [ resp. ] , Brigitte Trousse, Chongsheng Zhang.

The MIDAS project “Mining Data Streams”, granted by ANR, has started on January 2008 and will complete on December 2010. Partners are Ceregmia, EDF, France Telecom R&D, LIRMM, Telecom ParisTech and Inria.

The MIDAS project aims at studying, developing and demonstrating new methods for summarizing data streams. It tackles the following scientific challenges related to the construction of summaries:

In 2009, we have coordinated and participated in the final version of a delivrable written by all partners on their work on the topic of “Summarizing data streams by means of patterns extraction” [52] .

Reference National Center in Health

Participants : Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

AxIs has contributed to the proposal for the call for a national reference center in Health which involved CIU Santé, Pôle SCS, CHU Nice, Inria, etc. This proposal was accepted. AXIS contributions are related to its know-how on experimentations and knowledge discovery and management and also to a potential cooperations between the two living labs “ICT Usage lab” and the Limousin living lab.

EGC Association

AxIS members participated to the Working Group Fouille de données complexes created by D.A Zighed in June 2003 in the context of the EGC association:

Other Collaborations

Academic Collaborations

Industrial Collaborations

Via our two proposals to FUI9 (NAvTI and e-transports), we had new industrial contacts such as Continental Automotive (Rambouillet France SAS) and VEOLIA transports and also from Orange labs and various SMEs.


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