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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Initiatives

Due to the bi-localization of the team, we are involved with two regions: PACA and Ile-de-France. We were this year very active both in two regions,


Living Lab “ICT Usage Lab”

Participants : Brigitte Trousse, Bernard Senach.

AxIS has pursued with current founding partners (Orange Labs, INRIA, CSTB, UNSA) the setting up of the Living lab.”ICT Usage Lab” (Sophia-Antipolis) who was labelled during the first wave by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) in 2006 and was the first French living lab. A booklet, a flyer and a web site are under construction. Several contacts have been set up to extend the current partnership (SAP, GFI, City Of Nice, SCS and pegase clusters, Fing,..) and to decide the legal entity.

Several invited talks related to the living lab “ICT Usage Lab” have been done:

Locally several meetings have been conducted in order to coordinate activities of several research teams involved in SHS from UNSA and Telecom ParisTech related to usage analysis and open innovation in the context of the Campus STIC.

We collaborate with Mediterranée Technologies and the other Paca living lab TPmed to write down a position paper "La voix des LL en PACA"

At the national level, the ICT Usage Lab organised the second national meeting of french living labs which was hosted at CSTB in Sophia Antipolis the 14th of april. It was an opportunity to set up a cartography of the elevent current french living labs.

Several contacts have been established in order to answer to different calls for proposals:

The ICT Usage Lab will organize the 1st LL Summer school in Sophia Antipolis which will be held in August 2010. Inria will be in charge of the local organisation.

PacaLabs Initiative

Participants : Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

The Regional Council has launched the Pacalabs initiative for supporting experimentations of innovative services (from SMEs) or exploratory ideas (from academic world) with real users.

B. Trousse belonged to the expert committee of the Pacalabs Call 1 and to the strategic committee of the Pacalabs orientation of the Regional Council.

AxIS participated in three proposals to the Pacalabs call 2 (under review)


Participants : Brigitte Trousse, Bernard Senach, Yves Lechevallier.

In 2007, in a framework agreement between french government and PACA territory (CPER Telius), AxIS proposed the creation of an experimentation platform FOCUS (Finding Out Collective Usage). This proposal was accepted and in 2008 AxIS received funding for buying equipments useful for future experiments in the Region. The FOCUS platform is dedicated to researchers interested in usage analysis, such as web usage, co-conception, user centred pilots in real life (scale 1) or experiments in laboratories contexts. Support offered to computer science community and industrial concerned by usage assessment, prototype validation and benchmarking will help them to improve practice in analyzing usage data.

The FOCUS platform relies on knowledge bases, data sets, data acquisition devices, software toolbox and specific methods for mining usage data. The FOCUS platform is composed of two levels:

Data knowledge level is composed of:

Tool level is composed of devices and software resources:

Stakeholders in FOCUS platform are coming from different disciplines: computer and social sciences (cognitive ergonomics, economy, sociology) which provide a very interesting confrontation of points of view and enriches usage analysis, for instance through multidisciplinary assessment criteria.

This year we bought material: 10 labtops for experiments, 1 eye-tracker, This material has been used by two Inria research projets: Arobas team project used one of our labtop for an advanced robotic project and Edelweiss an another one for eye-tracking research.


Participants : Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

The CEFH plateform (Centre d'Etudes des Facteurs Humains ), supported by the PEGASE cluster, was submitted last year to the call "Plateforme d'innovation" (DGE and CDC). This experimentation platform dedicated to human factors studies in risky domains (nuclear power plant, aeronautics industry, process control was accepted in a first selection step. This year B. Senach and B. Trousse had regular meetings in Aix-en-Provence between march and june to finalize the proposal of the second selection step. The submission of the proposal was delayed according to the decision of the founding partners.

Collaborations with Territories in PACA

Participants : Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

Links with territories:

We have also contact with M. Dioudonnat of the “Institute of Mediterranée” related to the Medlab project.

Collaborations with SMEs

Participants : Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse, Yves Lechevallier.

Two SMEs involved in two accepted projects:

Four other SMEs involved in common proposals with AxIS:

Via two proposals to FUI9, we are involved with others SMEs :


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