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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Integrated Resources for Microbial Genomics

Participant : Jean-Daniel Fekete [ correspondant ] .

Microbiogenomics is a 3-year ANR project (program “Masses de données” ) stated in 2006. The project is designed to address the challenges raised by the ongoing deluge of genomic data. It plans at designing an integrating resources for microbial genomics. The objective is to gather the largest amount of relevant data and to make it available for a number of data mining approaches, despite its heterogeneity. A graphic interface will be designed for efficient and simple but still expressive queries, letting users extract relevant pieces of knowledge through a visual interactive system. This will make cross-fertilization between domains possible, and allow detailed analysis of a wide range of available genomic data.

With Stéphane Descorps-Declère, we have started to design a annotation editor based on a multi-scale interaction paradigm. We believe that all the multi-scale navigation and visualization techniques AVIZ have designed recently can be effectively applied to the problem of comparative annotation for microbian genomes, showing relations between genes or proteins, as well as effective navigation methods similar to Mélange [7] and topology-based navigation in networks [14] .

Partnership: IGM (Univ. Paris-Sud), LRI (Univ. Paris-Sud), MIG (INRA).


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