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Section: Software


Participants : Jean-Daniel Fekete [ correspondant ] , Pierre Dragicevic, Niklas Elmqvist.

ScatterDice [2] is a visualization system for exploring multidimensional datasets. It shows a scatter plot of 2 dimensions among the multiple ones available and provides a very simple paradigm of 3D rotation to change the visualized dimensions. The navigation is controlled by a scatter plot matrix that is used as a high-level overview of the dataset as well as a control panel to switch the dimensions. ScatterDice received the “best paper award” at the IEEE InfoVis 2008 conference.

ScatterDice works on any tabular dataset (e.g. CSV file) and is available as a Java Web Start application. See its web page for details: .

We have extended ScatterDice to support the exploration of multivariate social networks. The GraphDice system show networks using a node-link diagram representation as a scatter plot with links drawn between connected nodes.


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