Team Aviz

Overall Objectives
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Section: Overall Objectives


Visualization and Interaction on Wall-Size Displays

AVIZ has worked on new visualization and interaction methods for Wall-Size display such as the new WILD platform recently installed at INRIA/LRI.

We have investigated important issues to transform a visualization system designed for one user on a personal machine to explore a large social network into a collaborative colocated visualization for several users using several input devices on a wall-size display [8] .

We designed a novel interaction technique called “Motion Pointing” to select targets hard or impossible to reach using motion instead of position [13] .

Navigation in large node-link networks

Exploring very large networks involves navigating in very large information spaces. We designed two navigation techniques to improve that navigation using a standard mouse [14] .

Strong collaboration on Database/Workflow/Visualization

AVIZ has continued its strong collaboration with the GEMO INRIA project-team and the BD LRI group to tackle the problem of “Interactive data-intensive workflows for scientific applications”.

We have designed an initial workflow model for managing scientific data and started to present it to workshops [18] .


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