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Section: New Results

Business Rule Engineering

Participants : Mathias Kleiner [ contact ] , Jean Bézivin, Frédéric Jouault.

The field of BRMS is characterized by a number of normative, open-source, or proprietary systems and languages (ILOG JRules, JBoss Drools, Fair-Isaac Blaze Advisor, etc.), allowing the expression of various solutions to business problems at a high abstraction level, but with heterogeneous sets of capabilities and languages. SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules) is a new standard in this domain, for which tool support is in its infancy. During his postdoc, Mathias Kleiner worked on the parsing and analysis of SBVR textual statements, as well as on their transformation into a UML model [21] with a set of open-source MDE tools previously built at AtlanMod (the AmmA tool suite [9] ). In addition to metamodels and model transformations, the creation of an SBVR syntax model from plain english text has been performed using constraint-based parsing techniques. In addition to the actual result, the chosen approach notably demonstrates that MDE tools can be coupled with other technologies in order to achieve more complex tasks (e.g., parsing SBVR-compliant english text). This work has been done in collaboration between the AtlanMod team in Nantes and the IBM/ILOG company, and is an extension of our joint work on BRMS interoperability discussed in [16] , [28] .


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