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Section: Software

AM3 (AtlanMod MegaModel Management)

Participants : Hugo Brunelière [ contact ] , Guillaume Doux, Jean Bézivin, Frédéric Jouault.


The AtlanMod Megamodel Management tool offers several functionalities for modeling in the large [2] , i.e. for handling several related models. This component hosts the various libraries of terminal models, metamodels and transformation that can be reused. But the main tool available in AM3 is a generic megamodel manager allowing for example to browse a set of related models. This manager knows the semantic relations between all these models. These relations are often associated to a given weaving model allowing not only navigating the traces between models, but also the traces between model elements. Since the links are stored externally as weaving models, the participating models do not get polluted and may be used as they are. Furthermore it is possible to handle multiple traceability chains going through similar models. The generic tool for megamodel management has been used by different partners for several use cases like operationalization of chains of transformations.


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