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Section: Software

TCS (Textual Concrete Syntax)

Participant : Frédéric Jouault [ contact ] .


It is often necessary to define concrete syntaxes for metamodels, which only define abstract syntaxes. TCS is a language in which context-free concrete syntaxes can be defined by specifying how each concept of a metamodel is represented textually. Once such a definition has been defined in the form of a TCS model, it is possible to: 1) parse programs into models, 2) pretty-print models into programs, and 3) edit programs with a rich text editor supporting syntax highlighting, code completion, outline, text hovers, hyperlinks, etc. Many textual languages have already been specified with TCS: 1) within AmmA (see 5.7 ) with ATL, KM3, TCS itself, etc. 2) in other contexts with SQL, LOTOS, EBNF, etc. TCS currently generates ANTLR v3 grammars that are LL(*).


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