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Section: Software

AMW (AtlanMod Model Weaver)

Participants : Jean Bézivin [ contact ] , Frédéric Jouault.


AMW is a component-based platform for model weaving, i.e. establishing and managing abstract correspondences between models. The platform is based on the Eclipse contribution mechanism: components are defined in separate plugins. The plugins are further interconnected to create the model weaver workbench. Components for user interface, matching algorithms and serialization of models may be plugged as necessary. We extended the Eclipse EMF architecture for model manipulation to coordinate the weaving actions. We use the EMF reflective API to obtain a standard weaving editor which adapts its interface according to metamodels modifications. The ATL transformation engine is plugged as the standard transformation platform. AMW is released as open-source software under the Eclipse Public Licence and available as an Eclipse plugin. AMW is being used by more than 40 user sites, including research labs and major companies (NASA, BAE, Versata, Obeo, etc.).


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