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Section: Application Domains


It is difficult to define a precise applicability domain for MDE because, by definition, the scope is the largest. Generic tools developed by the AtlanMod team may apply as well to information systems and to embedded systems. MDE is not even restricted to software engineering, but also applies to data engineering [42] and to system engineering [35] . There are a lot of problems in these application domains that may be addressed by model transformation techniques.

The AmmA tools are being currently used in projects related to embedded systems, like Lambda (see 7.7 ), Edona (see 7.4 ), OpenEmbeDD (see 7.1 ), etc. The domains addressed by these projects are mainly automotive, aeronautics, and transportation. Since our tools are offered as open-source, we may notice that several groups have used them in quite different areas like: Critical software, Real time, Formal methods, Web engineering, Ontology engineering, Web semantics, etc. However, some specific application areas have demonstrated particular suitability for MDE techniques, as detailed in the following sections.


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