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New Results
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Section: Dissemination

Participation in workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.

In addition to presentations with a publication in the proceedings, and which are listed at the end of the document, members of ASPI have also given the following presentations.

Arnaud Guyader has given a talk at École Polytechnique in the working group on rare events, in March 2009. He has also given a talk on the rate of convergence for the bagged nearest neighbor estimators during the annual meeting of the SFdS (Société Française de Statistique) in Bordeaux in May 2009.

François Le Gland has given a talk on the multilevel splitting approach to rare event simulation at the workshop on rare events held at ONERA Châtillon in December 2009. He has also given an introductory talk on applications of particle methods at a meeting held at EDF R&D in Clamart in December 2009.

Vu–Duc Tran has defended her PhD thesis on the asymptotic properties of the ensemble Kalman filter, in Vannes in June 2009.


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