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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Coherent detection for QPSK 40Gb systems (COHDEQ40) — ANR Télécommunications

Participant : Frédéric Cérou.

INRIA contract ALLOC 2205 — December 2006 to November 2009.

This ANR project is coordinated by Alcatel–Lucent. The other partners are Alcatel Thales III–V Lab, INT Évry, INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique (project–teams ASPI and TEMICS), Kylia, Photline and XLIM (université de Limoges).

The project COHDEQ40 intends to demonstrate the potential of coherent detection associated with digital signal processing for the next generation high density 40Gb/s WDM systems optimized for transparency and flexibility. Key integrated optoelectronics components and specific algorithms will be developed and system evaluation performed. The INRIA task is to develop these signal processing algorithms needed to recover the message on the decoder side. This makes full use of our knowledge of equalization and synchronization techniques involved in digital communications.

A patent “A decision directed algorithm for adjusting a polarization demultiplexer in a coherent detection optical receivers” has been jointly submitted in September by Alcatel Lucent and by INRIA.


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