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Section: Dissemination


MSc EMOOSE. Between September 1998 and August 2009, the team managed, in cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the collaboration of a network of partners, an international Master of Science program EMOOSE (European Master of Science on Object-Oriented and Software Engineering Technologies). This program was dedicated to object-oriented software engineering in a broad sense, including component-based and aspect-oriented software development. The eleventh promotion graduated in August 2009. See also: .

MSc Alma. The faculty members of the team participate in this master program. Mario Südholt is responsible for its module on Aspect-Oriented Software Development and ASCOLA members give lectures about new trends in the field of component and aspect-oriented software engineering.

MSc MRI-IFSIC. Adrien Lèbre participated in this master program done at the CS university in Rennes. He gave lectures about distributed file systems and parallel I/O issues in cluster and grids and described the interest of latest VM capabilities in cloud computing platforms.

AOSD-Europe Summer School. Rémi Douence and Mario Südholt participated in this one week school in Nantes, France (see Section 9.1.1 for details). They gave a lecture on Formal Methods for AOP and Aspect-Oriented Technologies for Distributed Software , respectively.

Introductory Course to Scala. In May, Jacques Noyé gave an introductory course to the programming language Scala at the Department of Computing of the University of Chile in Santiago.


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