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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

France Telecom R&D PhD about Reliability in Fractal Architectures

Participants : Thomas Ledoux, Marc Léger.

Reliability is a main problem in systems subject to dynamic reconfigurations. The aim of Marc Leger's PhD work [15] , defended in May 2009, has been to guarantee reliability of dynamic reconfigurations used to make systems evolve at runtime while preserving their availability. We have proposed a definition of consistency for configurations and reconfigurations in the Fractal component model with a model based on integrity constraints like for example structural invariants. Reliability of reconfigurations has been ensured thanks to a transactional approach allowing both to deal with error recovery and to manage reconfiguration concurrency in systems. Finally, we have proposed a modular component-based architecture so as to implement transactional mechanisms adapted to dynamic reconfigurations in Fractal applications.

The results have been used in the ANR (national project) Selfware as a self-healing foundation of autonomic distributed applications and are under development as part of the national project Galaxy, see Sec.  8.2 .

This PhD work has been supported by France Telecom R&D (MAPS/AMS) for an amount of 21 KEUR.


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