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Section: Software


Participants : Thomas Ledoux [ correspondent ] , Mahmoud Ben Hassine.

WildCAT is a generic Java framework for context-aware applications. It permits the monitoring of large scale applications by allowing developers to easily organize and access resources through a hierarchical organization backed with a powerful SQL-like language to inspect sensors data and to trigger actions upon particular conditions. WildCAT proposes two modes to inspect the resources: a pull mode relies on synchronous communication and a push one relies on asynchronous communication. In the pull mode, developers programmatically get and set attributes. In the push mode, developers register listeners on queries expressed over the events generated by the backend.

This year, we have extended WildCAT to both use design and runtime events in an homogeneous way in order to monitor design evolution in the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) [27] .

WildCAT is an open source component used by the Galaxy project (see Sec.  8.2 ). It is available under GPL v2 at .


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