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Participants : Mario Südholt [ correspondent ] , Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro.

The model of Aspects With Explicit Distribution (AWED) supports the modularization of crosscutting functionalities of distributed applications. It addresses the problem that common aspect systems do not provide features for distributed programming. It notably features three main aspect abstractions: remote pointcuts, remotely-executed advice, and distributed aspects (see Sec.  6.1 ). It can therefore be seen as an instance of our model of Event-based AOP for distributed programming.

This year the AWED model has been integrated into the CESSA project proposal (see Sec.  8.2 ) as a basis for our work on the secure evolution of service-oriented architectures. Furthermore, an application of the AWED system to the adaptation of a satellite-based automatic tolling system that we have developed in the context of an industry cooperation with Siemens AG, Munich, Germany, has been presented as part of an article that is scheduled for publication in the journal “IEEE Computer” in 2010.

AWED is available at .


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