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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

European Marie Curie RTN project 3D Anatomical Human

Participants : François Chung, Olivier Clatz, Hervé Delingette [ correspondant ] , Tobias Heimann.

The Research Training Network 3D Anatomical Human (MRTN-CT-2006-035763 , ) is a European project aiming at developing realistic functional three-dimensional models for the human musculoskeletal system, the methodology being demonstrated on the lower limb. François Chung has been hired as ESR (Early Staged Researcher) and Tobias Heimann as ER (Experienced Researcher). In this context, INRIA has collaborated with UCL (UK) and University of Geneva for the acquisition and segmentation of the MR images of the lower limbs and with Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli (Italy) and EPFL (Switzerland) for the biomechanical modeling of the knee. Other research groups include the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Aalborg University (Denmark) and CRS4 (Italy). Within this project, a plenary meeting has been organized in Sophia-Antipolis on Oct 19-20 2009. Also in 2009, Asclepios has hosted several students for a few weeks from research groups involved in this Marie-Curie project : M. Chen from University College London, A. Sansholm and N. Pronost from EPFL and J. Schmid from University of Geneva.


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