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Participants : Maxime Sermesant [ Correspondant ] , Jean-Marc Peyrat, Tommaso Mansi, Hervé Delingette.

CardioViz3D is a freely available platform dedicated to dynamic cardiac simulation and processing  [114] . It uses advanced and interactive frameworks to provide researchers and clinicians with adapted tools for preprocessing dynamic cardiac data, from the segmentation of the myocardium to the delineation of pathological regions, resulting in a patient-specific anatomical and geometrical model of the heart. Moreover, simulation results can be intuitively evaluated and compared to initial clinical data.

Figure 2. CardioViz3D allows to follow the evolution of scalar information at a specific location in the myocardium. Left: The vertex displacements (in mm) along the surface normal (with respect to a rest position) is shown. Two landmarks have been placed respectively in the healthy part (in blue) and the dyskinetic area (in red) of the right ventricle (patient with a RV overload). Right: Graphs representing the evolution of the displacement among the sequence for both landmark locations, showing a significant difference of curve patterns.


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