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Section: Software


Participants : Olivier Clatz [ Correspondant ] , Florence Dru, Maxime Sermesant, Julien Wintz, Aurélie Canale.

MedINRIA is a free collection of softwares developed within the Asclepios research project  [116] . It aims at providing to clinicians state-of-the-art algorithms dedicated to medical image processing and visualization in a friendly user interface. MedINRIA is freely available.

Most recent release of MedINRIA (1.9 - Oct 2009) includes rigid and non-rigid registration of structural images, non-rigid registration of diffusion tensor images [44] , diffusion tensor estimation and visualization, fiber tracking. It also includes Q-Balls image estimation and visualization algorithms developed in the Odyssee project team.

MedINRIA has undergone a major refactoring in 2009, including a new kernel (DTK), a change of GUI toolkit, a new mechanism for plugins, multiple script language management and new design of the interface. The new version of MedINRIA (II) is expected in 2010.


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