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Section: Software


Participants : Nicolas Toussaint [ Correspondant ] , Tommaso Mansi.

vtkINRIA3D is an open source set of C++ libraries [115] , extending the Visualization ToolKit VTK ( ). It was initiated to gather the developement efforts in terms of data visualization and synchronization.

In particular, an ITK-based framework for image registration is proposed. The contribution in this framework is to gather different ITK state-of-the-art image registration methods in a single "console". Furthermore, we propose to store the successive registrations between input images in order to easily go back and force in the global alignement process.

Figure 1. (a) vtkINRIA3D also provides developer-friendly API for synchronizing data. In this figure, segmentation results are shown as overlying the input MRI image. (b) MedINRIA: the visual comparison between tensor field is done by extracting features from the tensor fields such as the Color Fractional Anisotropy (FA) maps as shown here.
a- vtkINRIA3D b- MedINRIA


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