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Section: Dissemination

PhD Theses and Internships

PhD defended in 2009

  1. Ender Konukoglu. Modeling Glioma Growth and Personalizing Growth Models in Medical Images. PhD Thesis, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, February 2009.

  2. Jean-Marc Peyrat. Comparison of Cardiac Anatomy and Function: Statistics on Fibre Architecture from DT-MRI and Registration of 4D CT Images. PhD Thesis, Nice Sophia Antipolis University, November 2009.

  3. Jean-Christophe Souplet, Évaluation de l'atrophie et de la charge lésionnelle sur des séquences IRM de patients atteints de sclérose en plaques , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University, January 21, 2009. Committee: Christian Barillot (president and reviewer), Jean-Paul Armspach (reviewer), Grégoire Malandain (supervisor), Sébastien Ourselin (referee), Christine Lebrun (invited).

Current PhDs

  1. Barbara André, Smart Atlas for the Early Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Cancers from Optical Biopsy Images , École des Mines de Paris. Cifre collaboration with Mauna Kea Technologies.

  2. Florence Billet, Analyse de la fonction cardiaque à l'aide d'un modèle électromécanique du coeur , Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University. Cardiosense3D.

  3. Marine Breuilly, Tracking and quantification of tumour processes in rodents with SPECT imaging , Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University.

  4. François Chung, Regional shape and appearance modelling for deformable model-based image segmentation , École des Mines de Paris.

  5. Stanley Durrleman, Joint modeling of the brain growth and of the population variability. Application to pediatric brain imaging. Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. In collaboration with A. Trouvé, CMLA, ENS.

  6. Romain Fernandez, 3D segmentation and reconstruction of rice's root meristem from multiphoton microscopic images , Montpellier university. In collaboration with C. Godin, Virtual Plants.

  7. Ezequiel Geremia, Multi-scale computational models of brain tumors for medical image analysis , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  8. Heike Hufnagel, Statistical shape analysis of normal and pathological organs within the abdomen , University of Hamburg. PhD in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Heinz Handels, Institut für Medizinische Informatik, University of Hamburg.

  9. Yonni Levy, Advanced Guidance in interventional cardiology , École des Mines de Paris.

  10. Marco Lorenzi, Imaging Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  11. Tommaso Mansi Modelling of pediatric cardiac pathologies . École des Mines de Paris.

  12. Nicolas Toussaint, In vivo cardiac DTI , KCL, London.

  13. Adityo Prakosa, Analysis and Simulation of the heart function from multimodal cardiac images , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University.

  14. Liliane Ramus, Digital anatomical atlases for radiotherapy planning , Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. Cifre collaboration with Dosisoft.

  15. Jatin Relan, Planning of radiofrequency ablation of the heart using electromechanical models personnalized from cardiac images and electrophysiological signals , Ecole des Mines.

Participation to thesis committees

N. Ayache

participated as chair of the PhD committee of X. Hubert (Centrale Paris & Neurospin), as a committee member to the PhD defense of Thomas Yeo (at MIT, USA) and F. Benmansour (Paris Dauphine), as a supervisor or co-supervisor to the committee of E. Konukoglu and J.M. Peyrat (Sophia-Antipolis), as a committee member to the Habilitation of B. Thirion (Neurospin).

Hervé Delingette

participated as co-supervisor to the PhD thesis of J-M. Peyrat (Nice University) as reviewer to the Phd thesis committee of J. Laforet (Montpellier II University), O. Somphone (Paris-Dauphine University), E. Arbabi (EPFL, Switzerland), J. Abi-Nahed (Impérial College London).

Grégoire Malandain

participated as chair to the PhD thesis committees of S. Stoma (Montpellier university) and L. Provot (Nancy I university), as reviewer to the PhD thesis committee of J. Anquez (Télécom ParisTech) and to the Habilitation committee of F. Richard (Paris 5 university) as referee to the medecine thesis committee of M. Cohen (Nice university), to the PhD thesis committees of A. Isambert (Paris XI university) and O. Nempont (Télécom ParisTech), and as supervisor to the PhD thesis committee of J.-C. Souplet (Nice Sophia-Antipolis university).

Xavier Pennec

participated as referee to the PhD thesis committees of Manik Bhattacharjee (University Paris XI Orsay), Guillaume Auzias (University Paris XI Orsay), Matthieu Perrot (Ecole normale supérieure, Cachan) and Mickaël Péchaud (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Cachan).

Maxime Sermesant

participated as invited member to the PhD thesis committee of Jean-Marc Peyrat.


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