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Section: Dissemination

University teaching

École Centrale de Paris.

H. Delingette, G. Malandain and X. Pennec are co-responsible of 2 modules on medical imaging (formation and analysis of medical images) (45 hours of lectures). These 2 modules are common to the Master MVA of ENS Cachan "Mathematiques, Vision et Apprentissage".

Master PENSUM, ENS Lyon / Univ. Nice-Sophia-Antipolis.

X. Pennec is responsible of a 21h module on Mathematics for Medical Image processing.

Master IFI - Computational Biology, Univ. Nice-Sophia-Antipolis.

X. Pennec is responsible of a 21h module on Computational Anatomy and Physiology, with the participation of H. Delingette (6h) and Gregoire Malandain (3h).

Master Génie biomédical, université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

G. Malandain is responsible of one module of 48 hours (24 hours of lectures + 24 hours of practical work) with the participation of Liliane Ramus.

Master IMA, université Pierre et Marie Curie.

G. Malandain gave a 3 h course.

Diplôme Inter Universitaire - Radiothérapie externe Haute Technicité.

G. Malandain gave a 3 h course.

Enseignement post-universitaire: imagerie en radiothérapie externe.

G. Malandain gave a 3 h course.

Grégoire Malandain

gave a tutorial presentation at the winter school "Hot Topics in Molecular Imaging - TOPIM" organized by the European Society for Molecular Imaging.

Applied Mathematics Master, Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées

O. Clatz gave a 3h lecture.

Hervé Delingette

gave a tutorial presentation on Cardiac electrophysiology and brain tumor growth at the School CEA-INRIA-EDF at INRIA Rocquencourt. He gave also a tutorial presentation on image segmentation during the training session organised during the plenary meeting of the 3D Anatomical Human project in Sophia-Antipolis.


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