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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National grants

ANR VERSO project Shaman

Participants : Marin Bertier, Achour Mostefaoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Michel Raynal, Christopher Thraves.

The Shaman project started in 2009, grouped together a majority of team working on distributed systems and distributed algorithms. The aim of this project is to propose new theoretical models for distributed algorithm inspired from real platform characteristics. From these models, we elaborate new algorithms and try to evaluate their theoretical power.

Rnrt project SVP

Participants : Marin Bertier, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Aline Carneiro Viana.

The SVP project addressed the understanding, the conception, and the implementation of an integrated ambient architecture that would ease the optimization in the deployment of surveillance and prevention services in different types of dynamic networks. The main objective was to develop an environment which is able to accommodate a high number of dynamic entities completely dedicated to a specific service. The partners of the project come from various research communities: network, distributed system, sensor architecture and metabolical and mechanical motion control (CEA, ANACT, APHYCARE, INRIA , UPMC/LIP6, LPBEM, Thalès). Our work on adaptive data forwarding in delay tolerant networks took place in this context. This project has officially been concluded in September 2008.

RTRA Digiteo

Participants : Golnaz Karbaschi, Aline Carneiro Viana.

DigiteoLabs is a virtual lab created to gather and promote collaborations between the following research centers: INRIA , University of Paris-Sud, Supelec, Ecole Polytechnique, and CEA. In the context of a call for regional collaborating projects, the ASAP project entitled "Resource management in delay tolerant networks" was selected, which is financing a 1-year Post-Doc fellowship of Golnaz Karbaschir in ASAP Saclay. The project targets the use of network coding to improve the use the network availabilities, like throughput. Khaldoun Al Agha and Steven Martin from LRI/University of Paris-Sud are also part of the project. The work resulting from this project was published in the ExtremeCom 2009 Workshop [53] and in the IEEE PIMRC 2009 conference [54] .

Besides, other projects in this context enabled the invitations (1) for 4 months the researcher Aartur Ziviani from the LNCC laboratory, Brazil (2008-2009), and (2) for 2 months the researcher Anelise Munaretto from the Technological and Federal University of Parana, Brazil.

ANR Project USS-SimGrid

Participant : Fabrice Le Fessant.

USS-SimGrid has been accepted in the ANR call “Embedded Systems and Big Infrastructures”. It is composed of seven academic research labs, aiming at improving the SimGrid grid simulator. The main goal is to increase the scalability of the simulator to be able to simulate bigger and more asynchronous systems, such as peer-to-peer systems. The ASAP team is responsible for testing the simulator by using it to simulate collaborative backup and peer-to-peer video-on-demand protocols. The project is a 3-year project starting at the end of 2008.

ICOM Project of the PICOM

Participant : Aline Carneiro Viana.

ICOM (“Infrastructure pour le COMmerce du futur”) is a project of the “Pôles de Compétitivé Industries du commerce (PICOM)”. This project is composed by three INRIA research teams (POPS, ASAM, and ASAP) and by some important industrial and commercial partners (i.e. Declathon, La Redoute, Orange, La Poste, Auchan, GS1, Atos Origin). This project targets the study, the exploitation, and the experimentation of a large-scale ambient platform that will (1) make simple the fast deployment of new ubiquitous applications of infrastructure management and (2) cope with heterogeneous technologies (RFID, NFC, Zigbee, etc). This project has officially started in April 2008. A 2-year research engineer will be selected to work on the project. ASAP has presented his contribution as well as a demo in the meeting of 23rd October 2009 and is preparing its final report for December 2009.

Project Pôle de Competitivité Images & Réseaux - P2Pim@ges

Participants : Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Erwan Le Merrer.

The P2Pim@ges project deals with secure multimedia file distribution in peer-to-peer environments. The role of the ASAP project-team is to provide the peer-to-peer infrastructure to distribute large multimedia files in an efficient way, in particular using epidemic protocols to achieve efficient and relevant clustering. The following partners within the Pôle de Competitivité Images & Réseaux are involved : Thomson R&D, Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia, Mitsubishi Electric ITE/TCL, Devoteam, France Télécom, ENST Bretagne, Marsoin, IPdiva, TMG and eOdus. Project has ended in November 2009.

Rnrt project SensLab

Participants : Marin Bertier, Antoine Boutet, Anne-Marie Kermarrec.

SensLab is an RNRT project started in 2008 focussing on the deployment of a very large-scale open wireless sensor network platform to be used as an efficient scientific tool for designing, tuning, and experimenting real sensor-based applications. Consequently, a SensLAB platform composed of 1024 nodes is deployed among 4 sites. This infrastructure will represent the unique scientific tool for the research on wireless sensor networks.

ADT project SensTools

Participants : Marin Bertier, Antoine Boutet, Anne-Marie Kermarrec.

SensTools is an ADT project supported by INRIA. SensTools provides a set of hardware and software tools for the WSN430 platform used within the Senslab project. Some basic drivers and several OSes are provided (FreeRTOS, TinyOS, Contiki).


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