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Section: Application Domains

Resource management in Internet-based applications

Internet-based applications comprise a large number of applications deployed over the Internet. Such applications however share some common characteristics. First of all, a basic assumption is that participating entities are potentially able to communicate with every other entity using IP. This has a large impact on the possible structure of an overlay network. However, the characteristics of the underlying network in terms of delay and bandwidth might have to be taken into account. This model may serve as a basis to formalize overlay connectivity in such contexts where memory or power consumptions are not an issue, but latency matters.

The applications that we are targeting in this area are related to resource management in large-scale distributed systems. Resource might be related to data, computing power or bandwidth. Among the numerous applications fitting in this denomination, we are especially interested in search, collaborative storage systems, resource discovery and allocation and large-scale content distribution and indexing. Core functionalities of such applications are search, notification and dissemination.


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