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Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of 2009

The year 2009 was a highly productive one for the ARTIS team, with 17 publications being accepted or published in international journals and conferences. Among these achievements, we consider the following to be the highlights of the year 2009:


We had a total of five papers published in the international journal ACM Transactions on Graphics , the best journal in the field: two papers that were also accepted at the Siggraph 2009 conference (a joint work with Cornell University on low order scattering effects, see section  6.1.3 , and a joint work with Columbia University and MIT on frequency analysis for motion blur, see section  6.1.2 ), two papers that were also accepted at the Siggraph Asia 2009 conference (a work on multi-scale image decompositon, see section  6.3.1 , and a joint work with Adobe Research and MIT on Intrinsic Images, see section  6.3.2 ; the fifth paper, about Frequency Analysis for Depth-of-Field effects, was also presented at the Siggraph 2009 conference.


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