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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National actions

Participants : Ezio Malis, Pascal Morin, Patrick Rives, Claude Samson, Minh-Duc Hua, Glauco Scandaroli.

ANR-Predit: LOVe

Associated with the Pôle de compétitivité System@atic , this project aims at preventing pre-crash accidents by real-time vision-based detection and tracking of pedestrians and dynamic obstacles. Our partners are INRIA/E-motion , INRIA/Imara , INRETS/LIVIC, CEA/LIST, CNRS/IEF, CNRS/Heudiasyc, CNRS/LASMEA, ENSMP/CAOR, Renault, Valéo.

ANR Psirob SCUAV (Sensory Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

This project concerns the control of small underactuated Aerial Vehicles with Vertical Take-Off and LandingL capabilities (systems also referred to as VTOL's). Our participation is more specifically dedicated to the development of feedback control strategies in order to stabilize the system's motion despite diverse adverse phenomena, such as modeling errors associated with the vehicle's aerodynamics or pertubations induced e.g. by wind gusts.

Our partners are I3S UNSA-CNRS (Sophia-Antipolis), IRISA/Lagadic (Rennes), CEA/LIST (Fontenay-aux-roses), Heudiasyc (Compiègne), and Bertin Technologies (Montigny-le-Bretonneux).

ANR Tosa CityVIP

This CityVIP project, following the "Automated Road Scenario", focuses on low speed applications (<30 km/h) in an open, or partly open, urban context. The level of automatisation can vary from limited driving assistance to full autonomy. An important effort is devoted to the use of on-board vision for precise vehicle localization and for the urban environment modeling. Such a model is then used in automatic guidance by applying visual servoing techniques developed by the research partners.

Our partners are Lasmea (Clermont Ferrand), IRISA/Lagadic (Rennes), Heudiasyc (Compiègne), LCPC (Nantes), IGN/Matis (Paris), Xlim (Limoges), BeNonad (Sophia Antipolis)

Eco-Industrie program RAPACE

This project concerns the development of an aerial vehicle with Vertical Take-Off and Landing capabilities, and its automatic control from visual and inertial sensors. Our participation is more specifically dedicated to the problem of estimating the "pose" (i.e. position and orientation) of the vehicle from visual and inertial measurements, and to the feedback control of the system from these measurements.

Our partners are GEOCEAN (Aubagne), ACS (St Sulpice de Royan), AKA (Lisses), DELTY (Toulouse), HELICE (Paris), Ecole Centrale de Lille, Ecole Centrale de Marseille.

Collaboration with ONERA-Toulouse

Since the begining of this fall, P. Morin supervises the Ph.D. thesis of Henry de Plinval, young engineer at ONERA-Toulouse, on the vision-based control of helicopter drones. The thesis is co-supervised by P. Mouyon (ONERA-Toulouse).


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