Team arobas

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Section: Software

Experimental Testbeds

Participants : Patrick Rives, Pascal Morin, Ezio Malis, Patrick Pollet, Thomas Arnould, Alexandre Chapoulie, Melaine Gautier.

Methodological solutions to the multi-faceted problem of robot autonomy have to be combined with the ever present preoccupation of robustness and real-time implementability. In this respect, validation and testing on physical systems is essential, not only as a means to bring together all aspects of the research done in ARobAS –and thus maintain the coherence and unity of the project-team–, but also to understand the core of the problems on which research efforts should focus in priority. The instrumented indoor and outdoor wheeled robots constitute a good compromise in terms of cost, security, maintenance, complexity and usefulness to test much of the research conducted in the project-team and to address real size problems currently under investigation in the scientific communauty. For the next few years, we foresee on site testbeds dedicated to ground robotic applications (figure 1 ).


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