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Section: Application Domains


Advanced robotics offers a wide spectrum of application possibilities entailing the use of mechanical systems endowed, to some extent, with capacities of autonomy and capable of operating in automatic mode : intervention in hostile environments, long range exploration, automatic driving, observation and surveillance by aerial robots,... without forgetting emerging and rapidly expanding applications in the domains of robotic domestic appliances, toys, and medicine (surgery, assistance to handicapped persons, artificial limbs,...). A characteristics of these emerging applications is that the robots assist, rather than compete with, human beings. Complementarity is the central concept. The robot helps the operator in taking decisions or extending his physical capacities. The recent explosion of applications and new scientific horizons is a tangible sign that Robotics, at the crossway of many disciplines, will play a ubiquitous role in the future of Science and Technology.

We are currently involved in a certain number of applications, a list of which follows. Our participation in these applications is limited to the transfer of methods and algorithms. Implementation and validation are left to our partners.


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