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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Grant from Région Rhône-Alpes

Participants : Nicolas Brisebarre, Sylvain Chevillard, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Mioara Joldes, Jingyan Jourdan Lu, Jean-Michel Muller, Nathalie Revol, Guillaume Revy, Gilles Villard.

Since October 2008, we have obtained a 3-year grant from Région Rhône-Alpes. That grant funds a PhD student, Mioara Joldes. The project consists in automating as much as possible the generation of code for approximating functions. Instead of calling functions from libraries, we wish to elaborate approximations at compile-time, in order to be able to directly approximate compound functions, or to take into account some information (typically, input range information) that might be available at that time. In this project, we collaborate with the STMicroelectronics' Compilation Expertise Center in Grenoble (C. Bertin, H. Knochel, and C. Monat). STMicroelectronics is funding another PhD grant on these themes (see the next item).


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