Team Arénaire

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Contracts and Grants with Industry
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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Grant from Minalogic/EMSOC

Participants : Christman Fagbohoun, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Jingyan Jourdan Lu, Jean-Michel Muller, Andrew Novocin, Guillaume Revy, Philippe Théveny, Gilles Villard.

This project is headed by C.-P. Jeannerod and J.-M. Muller. From October 2006 to September 2009, we have been involved in Sceptre, a project of the EMSOC cluster of the Minalogic Competitivity Centre. This project, led by STMicroelectronics, aims at providing new techniques for implementing software on system-on-chips. Within Arénaire, we are focusing on the generation of optimized code for accurate evaluation of mathematical functions; our partner at STMicroelectronics is the Compiler Expertise Center (Grenoble).


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