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Section: Software

MPFI: Multiple Precision Floating-Point Interval Arithmetic

Participants : Nathalie Revol, Sylvain Chevillard, Hong Diep Nguyen, Philippe Théveny.

MPFI is a library in C for interval arithmetic using arbitrary precision (arithmetic and algebraic operations, elementary functions, operations on sets). It is based on MPFR (see § 5.8 ). MPFI is maintained on par with MPFR: it offers the interval counterpart of all mathematical functions provided by MPFR. This year, exhaustive tests have been added. The compliance has been enforced with the proposal in [53] for the implementation of interval arithmetic using floating-point arithmetic. A new release is planned for the first semester of 2010.

Status: Beta release / Target: any / License: LGPL / OS: Unix, Linux, Windows (Cygwin) / Programming Language: C / URL:


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