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Section: Software

CRlibm: a Library of Elementary Functions with Correct Rounding

Participants : Florent de Dinechin, Jean-Michel Muller, Guillaume Revy.

The CRlibm project aims at developing a mathematical library (libm ) which provides implementations of the double precision C99 standard elementary functions,

In 2008, the main objective of the CRlibm project was reached when the revised floating-point standard IEEE-754-2008 was published with a recommendation for correctly rounded functions.

Version 1.0beta2 was released with a much improved power function xy . However the development focus has now turned to automated libm development with the Metalibm project.

Status: Beta release / Target: ia32, ia64, Sparc, PPC / License: LGPL / OS: Unix / Programming Language: C / URL:


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