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Section: Software

CGPE: Code Generation for Polynomial Evaluation

Participants : Guillaume Revy, Christophe Mouilleron, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod.

The CGPE project, which has been created this year, aims at generating C codes for fast and certified polynomial evaluation, given various accuracy and architectural constraints. Version 0.1.0 has been released by Guillaume Revy. This first version implements generation and certification algorithms for bivariate polynomials and fixed-point arithmetic, and is parameterized by the operator latencies and the kind of parallelism available on the targeted processor. The numerical accuracy of the generated C codes is certified using multiple-precision interval arithmetic as available in tools like Gappa and MPFI. CGPE 0.1.0 has been used to generate significant parts of the codes of the FLIP library.

Status: beta / Target: any / License: CeCiLL / OS: Unix / Programming Language: C++ / URL:


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