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Section: Software

Sollya: a toolbox of numerical algorithms for the development of safe numerical codes

Participants : Sylvain Chevillard, Mioara Joldes.

Sollya aims at providing a safe, user-friendly, all-in-one environment for manipulating numerical functions. Its distinguishing feature is that the focus is on safety: numerical results are certified, or a warning is produced. Functionalities include plotting, infinite norm, polynomial approximation (including an original minimax approximation among polynomials with floating-point coefficients), zero finding, etc., and an interpreter for the Sollya scripting language.

During 2009, the development of Sollya has been reduced to small improvements and bug corrections. Sollya is used by several teams in France (we are aware of its use by people in the Arénaire team, at INRIA Saclay, INRIA Rocquencourt and Perpignan University). It is used not only by members of state funded research teams but also by engineers at private companies, in particular in the US and Russia.

Status: Stable, version 1.1 / Target: ia32, ia64, PPC, ia32-64, other / License: CeCILL-C / OS: Unix / Programming Language: C / URL:


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